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Get 25 X Guest posts for $999. Write your own content and publish it on any site from the list below. Package expire after 6 months. Perfect for SEO and PR agencies, or scaled SEO operations.

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Guest Post in 3 Simple Steps:

1. Order

Place your order here and get 25 X credits to post on any of the sites below.


Write your content and submit it as a GDoc on your client sheet. Editors will review it.


Follow our guidelines and see your content published within 24 hours.


25 X Guest Posts included. Highly discounted bulk guest post package. High domain authority, with mostly DO-Follow links. Perfect for SME’s, agencies and scaled SEO projects.

Choose from these Websites:

Customers can select from any of the following websites and provide fresh content. This can be done until 25 posts have been sent in and received approval.

How it Works:

Clients need to produce guest posts, each unique, with a minimum of 700 words that is relevant to any category on the site they choose. Our editorial team will review the content swiftly and will publish approved content. The frequently asked questions below explains everything you need to know. Please read it before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Generally, we do NOT accept casino / gambling, cannabis and vaping.

Meeting article quality requirements are important. Here you can see guidelines on how to write editorial news

No article is guaranteed to be published regardless of quality and all articles are subject to meeting editorial requirements.

All articles must be 700 words or longer.

For content to be included in the Google News feed, it must have a newsworthy title and 1st paragraph, which is genuine, true news. 

Articles cannot usually be sales-orientated or sheer self-promotion. If this is the case, notice that the article will be marked as sponsored by editors. 

No editorial and language assistance is available to authors, therefore a good command of English is required. 

If you require a writing service to make the most of this package, then consider this content writing service.

You most post and produce content that is relevant to the websites on our list. You cannot, for example, publish MEDICAL content on a TECH news site or vice-versa. 

If a website has a category and it is on this list – you’re welcome to create content and submit it. 

13 of the 15 Sites will give you DO-Follow links. It is important NOT to stuff your articles full of links. NOTICE:

  1. A total of 3 links maximum per article.
  2. A maximum of ONE link per ONE DOMAIN in any single article. All your links in one article cannot go to one domain. 

If any content is declined, a reason will be given. Your options then include:

a) Choosing another more relevant site from the list;

b) Tweaking the content and resubmitting;

c) Providing different content.

There will be no point arguing with editors to accept spam. This is great for SEO, but not for low quality spam. 

Yes. An agency can buy one package and use it for any number of clients. There is no limit here. The main requirements are to meet our content guidelines, be relevant, and linking only to permitted categories of websites.

One of our editors will use their byline for your content. It is therefore also possible to use this service to publish your own interviews. 

Yes. In most of our sites, you can embed one video and one image per article.It is a requirement to provide a unique feature image for each post.
This is possible only for clients who subscribe to the unlimited access pass.
Yes. For high volume requirements, anyone can sign up to our basic, silver or gold unlimited access pass.

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